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One of the best ways to get a job is to utilize and further develop your network. An increasing number of jobs advertised at all, not out. And even if they do so, employees’ own corporate network premier source for recruiting since you have reliable references by the network.

Technology is an important factor in every decision a company takes today. Decisions concerning everything from the IT systems that will be used for the skills required by employees. HireitSales has a network of consultants with extensive experience in technology-based solutions.

HireitSales use social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Jobrapido, Indeed, SimplyHired, Facebook, YouTube and Careerjet. On Twitter, we use flows #itjobb  #job #missions #consultant.

Hire IT’s network consists of over 150 000 people. These users can, through a friend, and one of their friends reach over 5.5 million people at LinkedIn